Pilot Knob State Park

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4 thoughts on “Pilot Knob State Park

  • Glad to hear you are well and being vigilant to stay that way. I’m thoroughly jealous of your RV (did you name it?) and can’t wait to hear about your adventures! Love and miss you all!

    • Love you too, Suzy! The model of the RV is Boldt, and it is silver, so I thought Silver Carriage, which is a play on Carriage Bolts. But that name didn’t stick. Maybe ThunderBenz (it is a Mercedes Benz sprinter van). But more likely something meaningless like Horace or Glen. Maybe I’ll take it up with Ensie that we should come up with a name these next few days.

  • Staying home might have been a smart decision. I hope you two get to do something special as a consolation.

    Our Governor called for everyone over 65 or with chronic conditions to “self isolate” at home. He also called for all bars, wineries, and brew pubs to close today. Bob’s going to miss swimming at the pool; I suppose I’ll have to arrange a daily chase around the yard.

    • I heard on the news now that everyone in CA regardless of age is required to self-isolate. We’ve decided to do that since early this week but there is no order. A Spring and Summer that was going to be dominated by van travel has changed character, as have most of our planned activities. I’ll be posting on that soon.

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