Eagle Drama

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  • A Bald Eagle spent about an hour in a scuffle with four resident Crows concerning part of a frozen rabbit carried about by one of the crows. A Red-Tailed Hawk was on the periphery for about ten minutes. Usually crows mob and harass an eagle. This time the crows were aggressively targeted by the swooping eagle as the crows hopped deeper into the dense impenetrable branches of a large poplar tree, one of them munching on the piece of rabbit. When the crows flew about a quarter mile away, the eagle followed, and then followed them back before eventually leaving hare-less.

  • Wow. It looks like that intimidating stare didn’t work. I didn’t know that crows will harass eagles; I’ve not seen that before.

    …hare-less. HaHa

  • Awesome photo of eagle! Do you have something in the frig he would like to eat?

    • I’m gonna let him find his own food. When he left, he seemed to be following the road, likely looking for roadkill. It has been so cold here I imagine the amount of open water on the Saint Croix River (where they get fish by fishing, scavenging or stealing) is decreased. When I had chickens, they used to regularly check them out this time of year. Once I watched as one tried to land on a neighbor’s chicken but missed.

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