Jackfruit / Nangka

We bought a 30lb Jackfruit or Nangka from a local Asian grocer knowing it would be an adventure.  After researching the best plan of attack, I wrapped the knife handles and oiled my hands and the knife blades to keep latex from sticking.


Here it is halved. There was very little latex.  I’m not sure why . . .  maybe because of age, temperature, degree of ripeness . ..  I don’t know.

After cutting it into long quarters and cutting out the core, I turned it partially inside out to separate the pods and make them easier to extract.

Here are about half the pods and a third of the seeds from our Nangka. Ensie gave the flavor an “A”, high marks from a Malaysia-born fruit lover, but the texture did indicate the fruit was a bit under-ripe. I tried several recipes for cooking the seeds, the size of a fava bean but twice as thick. The best one was the most labor intensive: Boil for 10 minutes. Peel the thick outer translucent skin. Slice in half. Brown in a 50:50 mix of butter and a fragrant coconut oil. Season. I used garlic, black pepper and a good curry powder blend. The result is like a slightly nutty firm yet cooked potato. Another recipe called for roasting them in the oven before peeling off the skin. My attempt resulted in 5 or 6 exploding before I called that off.

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