First Day for Outdoor Drone Flight – No Audio

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2 thoughts on “First Day for Outdoor Drone Flight – No Audio

  • I really enjoyed watching the drone flight. I can’t wait to see a flight once the landscape is green! Is it difficult to use and are you happy with the model you got?

  • Hi Suzy! The drone, a DJI Spark, is one of the smallest and least expensive made. I got it unexpectedly from the kids for Xmas. It can be flown using a smartphone as a controller. I opted to get a controller, and I connect it to my iPad. Like anything, there is a learning curve. I’m glad it was too cold to fly (below 32 degrees) for 4 months so I could read up on it. I’ll likely not use all the features for a few years. I can’t imagine wanting a different one ever. From other reviews, I guess if you were making commercial video, you may want a higher model.

    The grass is starting to green up now and I’ll be planting 110 seedlings starting Thursday, so I may shoot another drone vid soon.

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