First Day for Outdoor Drone Flight – No Audio


This video was made today during the first outdoor flight of the drone I received for Christmas, a little DJI Spark.  After some initial messing around with huge file sizes, I decided to go the Youtube hosting route using the “unlisted” video setting, which means it isn’t private, but you can only see it if you know the link.

Ten days earlier, this area was under about foot of fresh snow.  Some snow remains on the edge of some distant fields. The pines and spruces are just starting to green up as the frost comes out of the ground.  In most places, the soil remains rock hard below 6″.  Delivery of the hundred or so tree seedlings I’ll be planting has been delayed until May 3 when more frost will be gone.  I’m hoping for thawed ground to 16″ when I plant.

I had seen a few videos of raptors attacking drones, and sure enough, one seemed very interested in it today. (Not in this video – The hawk was well above the drone so it wouldn’t have been captured by the drone’s camera.) I swiftly flew the drone close to me and made myself very visible.  It soared about 100 feet above the drone for 20 seconds then decided to look elsewhere.  Pretty sure it was a Red-tailed.  During this flight, the tree swallows were curious but remained at a distance

If you look quickly, you can see the L-shaped garden soil I tilled last fall.

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I really enjoyed watching the drone flight. I can’t wait to see a flight once the landscape is green! Is it difficult to use and are you happy with the model you got?

Hi Suzy! The drone, a DJI Spark, is one of the smallest and least expensive made. I got it unexpectedly from the kids for Xmas. It can be flown using a smartphone as a controller. I opted to get a controller, and I connect it to my iPad. Like anything, there is a learning curve. I’m glad it was too cold to fly (below 32 degrees) for 4 months so I could read up on it. I’ll likely not use all the features for a few years. I can’t imagine wanting a different one ever. From other reviews, I guess if you were making commercial video, you may want a higher model.

The grass is starting to green up now and I’ll be planting 110 seedlings starting Thursday, so I may shoot another drone vid soon.

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