Spring Plantings


One of the 25 White Pines planted May 3rd. This tree is about 8″ tall. Pines this size planted here 5 years ago range from 4 to 9 feet tall.

Tree seedlings, saplings and shrubs were planted May 3rd through May 5th.  The 99 plantings included 25 White Pines, 25 Silver Maple, 25 American Cranberrybush, 5 Hackberry, 5 Basswood (American Linden) and 14 Golden Willow.  We ran out of tree tubes and have already had some silver maples munched.  I think it is by rabbits.  They may recover if I can get them protected soon.


A “Forest Restoration Intern” applying Plantskydd to a Silver Maple seedling in hopes of keeping away deer, rabbits and voles.  Another silver maple, the next tree in this row without a tube, has already been eaten down to about 5 inches.

The garden planting was finished May 24th. There is still more tilling and fencing to do.  (Asparagus bed and apple trees are not new but are included for reference.)  The tomatoes, eggplant and peppers were started from seed indoors several months ago.  All other plantings were by seed.  More herbs and some tomatoes will be in pots and planters near the house.  This is the last year for a ground-level garden.  Pots and raised beds only next year.



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Your garden is quite impressive! I agree about the raised beds. I look forward to seeing your harvest a few months from now. I really enjoyed the drone video! Very cool. I have not planted a garden for three years. We have local organic farmers market a few blocks from us, and our trees got big so not as much light. I opted for the full trees and going to the farmers market. It looks so peaceful at your house!

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