Pole Barn Door with Added Clearance

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This is our pole barn door where our van, nominally 9’11’ tall, will reside. The door opening is nominally 10’0″. The measured height from the door opening to the bottom on the door, not including the soft gasket, was 9’11”. The door always had a few inches below it (an inch or so below the gasket), making the opening about 10’2″. I dug out some more space prior to receiving the van to have a total clearance now of about 10’7″. This does not take in to account any snow/ice build up, nor any frost heaving. But I’m fairly certain it’ll fit without a problem. Any permanent solution, such as increasing the door opening a few inches at the top or having a sloped pad at the bottom with an extended door, will be addressed later if necessary.

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