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5 thoughts on “New Van

  • How about a few inside photos? I can see that the interior is ivory. I have always wondered why a lot of RVs are so dark inside and have said that I would always order one with white/light interior. Looks like the front seats swivel to face back? Have you decided where your first trip will be? You had mentioned San Diego at some point. Only 80 miles from here so be sure to let us know if you are ever going there. Weather is great right now…come on out!!

    • Two other things:
      We don’t know where or when our first long trip will be. Once we get our wifi booster, I could imagine more than one trip to San Diego near where Ensie’s home office is. There are also a few companies in nearby Santee have a lot of custom camper van accessories like racks and carriers.

      The front seats do both swivel to face the back, and have table setups for eating or as a workstation.

  • We’ll have more inside photos when we clean it up a bit. I winterized it again after dewinterizing it to test the water systems. Ensie and I took short hot showers when we camped at the state park. We’ll be putting up some holiday decorations inside soon. Stay tuned!

  • Envious is the only way to describe it. Ahhh. I love your RV. Perfect.
    Hope to see you on the west coast in the near future. xoxoxo

  • Holiday Decorations!! OMG! I want to be there, in your van!!

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