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5 thoughts on “Wild River State Park

  • Uploaded real time from a very poor 1-bar cell connection. This pic was taken by me sitting in the swiveled passenger seat, with the window of the sliding door to my left.

    Past my food is the bed Ensie sleeps in. The black metal stuff at the top of the pic is a TV on a swivel bracket.

  • So how is the TV reception captured?

    ps – long comments on two other posts were lost due to incorrect captcha answers

    • I know what you mean. Three dots means three but I think you’re supposed to put 3. I’ll change the format.

    • We got reception for two stations. There is an amplified round antenna on the roof of the van. We would occasionally get a serviceable cell signal which allowed some streaming through AppleTV. A cell signal booster is in the future to make cell signals a little more reliable.

  • The captcha problem was user error – it was a single dot and I thought it was just a zero shown in an odd manner.

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