Overnighting at Ian & Olivia’s Driveway

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4 thoughts on “Overnighting at Ian & Olivia’s Driveway

  • Very snazzy!

    • If you look closely, you can see the stylish sandy mud on the lower parts of the van. Contrasts with the silver so well 😉

  • That’s one impressive rig. With all of the lights on it looks like it should have music playing that could be heard outdoors. Did you have a heat source (besides each other) employed or was it not needed at “only” 25 degrees?

    • The lights were on only so we could get out to the van (and take a pic). Where Ian lives has a very dark night sky and you can see many stars. Some people, particularly in the desert, leave their running board lights on to discourage mice from going under and jumping into the framework.

      We definitely had a heat source in the form of a propane furnace set to 65 degrees. The furnace is very efficient and also serves as the water heater.

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